Apartment Hotel

In our convenient and comfortable Apartment Hotel, you can expect to have the best accommodation experience here in Düsseldorf. The necessary items for your accommodation, such as TV, kitchen with microwave, furniture, and tableware, are all in place. Meaning, you can check in at any moment!


There are different types of room available according to your wish. You can also choose the duration of your sayings’ from 1 night to over a month. If you would like to use our Apartment hotel just for a temporary stay until you find your brand new home, or you are on a business trip but wish to cook by yourself and not eating outside every day and night. Then our apartment hotel is the right choice for you!!


If you have a question, please contact us by e-mail hayato@email.de or telephone no. +49 (0)211-5504 3693


A bed, a desk, a chair, and a kitchen


All rooms have its own balcony.


A refrigerator, a microwave, oven, toaster, coffee machine, a hot water heating system, TV and a telephone.

Room cleaning

As an option ( charged extra) , you can choose the cleaning plan.




Toll parking


10%discount for cleaning


a washing machine with a tumbler


6 minutes walk away from the central station and a few minutes from the subway station. Also conveniently located within a 10-minutes drive from Düsseldorf Airport with train or car .


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