Our dry cleaning store is located at the centre of Japanese Düsseldorf,

on Immermannstrasse.

Easily accessible from the Düsseldorf main station,

as well as the subway station on Oststrasse.

Our staffs speak fluent Japanese, as well as English and German.

All our vouchers are written in both Japanese and English. 


Dry Cleaning 

Ready max. within 4 days

We can remove the stains on your clothes

We also offer pure Ironing Service


We deliver your shirts folded or hanging on request also strengthened 

We also take in the bed linen 

Delivery service on demand 

Special Laundry

Bedspreads, blankets, curtains, carpets, etc.

as well as all the major items that you could hardly wash yourself at home.

Special Materials

We entrust the items made of special materials such as fur, leather etc. to a specialized dry cleaning agency and monitor the cleaning process.

We take a special care for the items made of high-quality materials such as cashmere or silk.

Kimonos can also be brought in. 

Alteration Tailor

Our dressmaker will adjust your clothes according to your wishes.

Minor repairs can be also arranged. 

For special requests please contact us!

It takes approximately, however depending on the procedure, seven to ten days

Delivery Service

To our business clients, we offer uncharged delivery and pick-up service!

If your items are over a certain limit, we offer delivery service for private clients. 


We look forward to your visit!


HAYATO Cleaning

Immermannstraße 33
40210 D

Open on

Tuesday - Friday    12:00- 19:00

Saturday        10:00-19:00

TEL : +49(0)211- 5504 3693

The prices can be found in the downloadable PDF file

PDF-Dokument [227.7 KB]